Sunday Worship...
... has changed during Covid times.

 You’ll be greeted as you come in, and the greeter will ask you for your name and a contact number for contact tracing purposes.  If you don’t have a mask, they are available at the entrance, along with hand sanitizer. 

In Blyth and Wingham, the service is projected entirely on the screen, simply find a comfortable seat and follow along, please keeping standard physical distancing requirements in mind.  In Brussels, a paper service bulletin is available, and follow along with the service as outlined in the bulletin.   

Due to Covid safety restrictions, most unfortunately and much to our continued frustration, congregational singing is still not allowed.  Music and communal singing have traditionally contributed greatly to our worship and praise. 

Holy Communion is offered every other Sunday and all baptized Christians are welcomed to receive the bread.  We do not share the wine, also due to Covid regulations. Simply cup your hands to receive the bread, if you need gluten free,  as you approach, place one arm across your chest for a gluten free wafer.  If you do not wish to receive, you may still come forward, cross both your arms over your chest and receive a blessing.  Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly when you need to stand or sit (it isn’t really that important) and only join in when you feel comfortable.

A monetary offering will not be taken up.  You will find the offering plate right near the church entrance.  (You are welcomed to contribute to the operation of the parish but please don’t feel you have to!)

If there is a question that comes to mind during the service, the sermon or during your exploration of the community you can ask after the service, send an email to Rev. JoAnn at Do come and check us out, we hope to see you soon!