What is it? - A Prayer Chain consists of a group of people which has been called to the ministry of praying for others on a regular and ongoing basis. They have committed themselves to pray regularly, confidentially and individually for the people and concerns that are requested of them. They form part of a chain through which God’s love flows, and they circulate prayer requests amongst themselves via a communications chain. Prayer Chains are most often organized amongst people of a church congregation or parish. The Prayer Chain prays for particular situations and persons that come to it from a variety of sources: * The parish/congregation pastor or priest or church office; * A prayer request box; * Phone calls from members of the parish/congregation; * Individual requests; * Situations known to the members of the chain.   The Prayer Chain is open to receive prayer requests of any person(s) whom you feel would be upheld by prayer --we do not limit our list just to members of the congregation. Please know that all requests are held in confidence.